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Navigating the HJM WEB Site

The page  Electronic-Editions   provides links to all published volumes, supplementary issues, and to the backfiles. Most of our institutional subscribers link to this page.

HJM provides also a complete Index of all published issues, from Vol. 1, 1975 on. For convenient browsing, the index comes in five year increments. 

All browsers provide Page Search through "Ctrl F". Some search engines, e.g., Yippy (http://itools.com/tool/yippy-web-search)  provide site searches.

In any single issue, papers appear in a certain order according to their primary  subject classification: algebra,  geometry, topology, linear analysis,  non-linear analysis. 
Our  electronic editions  contain all essential bibliographical data, and provide direct links to PDF paper files.

From 1997 on, the electronic issues include specifically prepared HTML abstracts, in plain English,  with  mathematical  notation kept at a minimum. These abstracts have to be self contained, that is, for HJM  there  are no “secured references” or “enhanced abstracts.” The electronic issues contain also  complete author information together with the list of editors who were responsible for any particular issue. 

Occasionally, an electronic issue may  contain an editorial and other material.  Our electronic issues are meant as enhanced  replicas of the corresponding print editions.    In order to assure that our electronic editions remain meaningful for later generations, we  are   using   only the most  basic HTML code.  From the huge repertoire of UNICODE we use only  the most commonly recognized Greek letters and mathematical  symbols. 

The electronic issues are maintained only by HJM, and are assigned individual URL’s. This policy assures integrity of content and reliable results of   web based search engines.